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When our environment is cared for, future generations will be, too.

As a family nurturing families, we want to ensure Canadians are taken care of today, tomorrow and in the future. By doing OurPart™ for the environment, we hope to inspire you to do yours. Every step we take together – big or small – can make a difference.

Mother and daughter in a grocery store.
Mother and daughter in a grocery store.

We want to create a better future by building on our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment.

Care for Our Planet

We're dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and we embrace the responsibility we have to take action on climate change. To help protect our planet, we're working to reduce food waste, plastics and packaging. As we lower our footprint, it's our hope that it supports Canadians in making sustainability a priority, too.

Birdseye view of an IGA Extra rooftop

Care in Our Products

By making sure our supply chain relies on ethical and sustainable practices, more environmentally-friendly products can be featured proudly on our shelves. To reduce our footprint, we're engaging everyone: from our Compliments and Panache product ranges to encouraging suppliers to use recyclable fibre packaging, and introducing in-store vertical farming
to stores.

Des citrouilles dans un champ. Un panier dans une allée d’épicerie.

Our commitment
to sustainability

To nurture the families of tomorrow, we're taking action today. From reducing food waste to sending less plastic and packaging to landfills, we want the sustainability stories shared here to illustrate how our partnerships and community initiatives are helping feed this goal across Canada.