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Pete’s Frootique Implements Responsible Packaging

November 1, 2021

Pete’s Frootique stores are supporting the health of the environment by instituting sustainable Lunchline packaging and eliminating Styrofoam from store-packaged products.

Nova Scotia’s two Pete’s Frootique stores have been part of the Sobeys family since 2015 and are pleased to introduce environmentally friendly and recyclable Lunchline packaging for their salads, soups and sandwiches. Just another way we are working hard to reduce waste.

“We’ve always taken pride on employing thoughtful processes in our stores and on being first-to-market with initiatives that matter,” says Lauren Luscombe, Pete’s Frootique Director of Operations.

The two Pete’s Frootique stores in Halifax and Bedford began employing environmentally friendly boxes, cups and containers for their Lunchline products in June 2020, and have plans to roll out sustainable knives, forks and spoons once it’s safe to do so. “We have a new cutlery option, it’s not individually wrapped – it’s in a dispenser,” Lauren says.

Eliminating Styrofoam

Pete’s Frootique has also eliminated Styrofoam trays from store-packaged products. Styrofoam is not recycled in the Halifax Regional Municipality, so all of it ends up as landfill, taking centuries to break down.

According to Lauren, Styrofoam contributes to a large amount of environmental waste “you bring it home, get ready to make dinner or BBQ, and throw it in the garbage.”

“Our customers can now be assured that anything that we make and package in-store, will no longer use Styrofoam.”

Instead of Styrofoam, the team at Pete’s Frootique has begun using packaging made out of PET, which stands for polyethylene terephthalate for its store-packaged products. PET is a form of polyester that is recyclable and can be reused in the manufacture of new containers and other thermoform packaging. “It looks great, is easily rinsed, doesn’t hold any smell, and goes right in the recycling bin,” Lauren says.

“Eventually, we hope to find a packaging solution that is completely made from previously recycled plastic to continue the recycle circle. We know there is a need for items like this, and it is the way businesses need to move to help protect our planet.”

Making small, positive changes for the future.

For Pete’s Frootique, concern for the environment has been a pillar of the company’s values since its founding in 1992. In 2016, we were the first grocer in the Halifax Regional Municipality to launch paper bags made from recycled paper before it was mandated province-wide in 2020. Also, Pete’s doesn’t print a flyer. Instead, they choose to advertise their sales online, thereby eliminating the need for printing, paper, and ink which generates more garbage. Other store initiatives to reduce waste include switching to a paperless hiring process, supplying shoppers with reusable produce bags and using simple ink-stamped tags instead of plastic stickers to identify Lunchline salads.

So far, the response to these improvements has been great, with customers recognizing Pete’s Frootique is striving to reduce waste.


We love a challenge and we’re known for thinking outside the box; any way we can cut back on our carbon footprint is extremely important to everybody in our business. 

Lauren says. “We plan to keep our commitment to the environment, reduce single-use plastic where possible – and never give up on this important cause .”

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