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Terms and Conditions

Get $5 off your first order when you download the FoodHero app.*

*FoodHero offers new users a promotional credit of $5.00 (five Canadian dollars) upon the creation of their account (the “New User Offer”). This credit can be applied to the first or any subsequent order made through the FoodHero platform. The New User Offer is available exclusively to new users who create an account on the FoodHero platform. Users must be creating their first account to qualify for this promotion. The New User Offer will be automatically deposited into the user's account within 48 hours of the account creation. To ensure fair usage of this promotional offer, FoodHero reserves the right to verify the user's device. If multiple accounts are detected on the same device, only the first account created will receive the New User Offer. Subsequent accounts created on the same device will not be eligible for this promotion. Users can apply the credits to their orders during checkout. The credits can be used towards the purchase of any items available on the FoodHero platform and can be used when applying a promotional code. The credit has no expiry date and can be used at any time after it is deposited into the user's account. The credits are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or any other form of currency. FoodHero reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this promotional offer at any time without prior notice. Any changes to the terms and conditions of this offer will be effective immediately upon posting on the FoodHero website or application. By creating an account on the FoodHero platform and availing of the New User Offer, users acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Plus Receive additional $5 OFF for each friend you refer.**

**As a Logged-in User of the Application, you can invite friends to join FoodHero using your unique code found in your FoodHero application profile (the “Referral Code”). You may share your Referral Code exclusively through the Application, utilizing features for sharing via email and SMS messages. Referral Codes should only be shared with individuals whom you personally know, and you agree not to use spam or any automated means for sharing your Referral Code. FoodHero employs technological methods to track new users who sign up for a FoodHero account using your Referral Code (the “Referee”). To be eligible for the Reward (as defined below), the Referee must successfully create a valid FoodHero Account. Upon the Referee's account creation, both you and the Referee will receive a credit of $5.00 (five Canadian dollars) applied to your respective accounts for future purchases of Products (the “Reward”). This Reward may be subject to change without prior notice, at FoodHero’s sole discretion. The Reward will be credited to both your account and the Referee’s account within 48 hours of FoodHero confirming the validity of the Referee’s account. Each user can only utilize a Referral Code once. However, there is no limit to the number of times a user can be referred by others. FoodHero reserves the right to modify or terminate this referral offer at any time without prior notice. Any changes to this section of the Terms of Use will be effective immediately upon posting on the FoodHero platform.